2019 - 2020 Calendar

Event Schedule
Union Elementary Calendar of School Events 2019-2020
31st     New Family Welcome 4:30pm-6:00pm
5th      Meet the Teacher Night 5:00pm-6:30pm
6th      Dads Club Meeting 6:30 pm
7th      First Day of School
16th    Eaglefest
16th    Welcome Back Staff Breakfast
21st    Welcome Back Parent Coffee 9:30-11:00am
22nd   Curriculum Night 5:30pm-8:00pm
2nd     No School- Labor Day
3rd     Dads Club Meeting 7pm
7th     Fall Festival Parade
10th    Vision Screenings, Grades 1 and 3
11-12th Fourth Grade at Camp Tecumseh
13th    First Grade Grandparents Day
14th    Dads Club Campout
17th    PTO General Meeting 7pm
21st    Dads Club Campout Rain Date
24th    Picture Day
25th    Jog-a-thon
27th    Jog-a-thon Rain date
30th-Oct. 4th Body Safety Lessons
1st     Dads Club Meeting 7pm
4th     PTO General Meeting 9am
4th     PTO Movie Night
7th-9th Fire Safety Lessons, PreSchool-2nd grade
9th     End of First Quarter
11th    Fall Classroom Parties
14-18th No School- Fall Break
24th    Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill
30th    Dads Club 4th Grade Breakfast 7:15am
5th     Dads Club Meeting 7pm
8th     PTO Movie Night
11th   Veterans Day Programs 9:15, 1:00 (tentative)
12th   PTO General Meeting 7pm
13th   School Conferences 2:45-4:00pm
14th   E-Day, School Conferences
14th   PTO Staff Appreciation Lunch
20th   Dads Club 3rd Grade Breakfast 7:15am
27-29th No School- Thanksgiving Break
3rd    Dads Club Meeting 7pm
6th    PTO General Meeting 9am
12th  Dads Club Winterfest 6:00pm-8:00pm
20th  Winter Classroom Parties
20th  End of Second Quarter
23rd- Jan.6th No School- Winter Break
6th    School Resumes
7th    Dads Club Meeting 7pm
15th   Dads Club 2nd Grade Breakfast 7:15am
20th   No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
21st    PTO General Meeting 7pm
31st    PTO Movie Night
4th    Dads Club Meeting 7pm
5th    Global School Day of Play
7th    Soiree
12th   Dads Club 1st Grade Breakfast 7:15 am
14th   Valentine’s Day Parties
17th   No School- Presidents’ Day
18th   No School- Professional Development Day
21st   PTO General Meeting 9am
24-28th Heart Challenge Week
27th   Wellness Night
3rd    Dads Club Meeting 7pm
6th-7th Union Play 7pm, 2pm
9-13th Relay for Life Spirit Week
13th   Relay for Life Movie Night 2:30pm
13th   End of Third Quarter
14th   Dads Club 2x2 Basketball Tournament
18th   Dads Club Kindergarten Breakfast 8:15 am
24th   PTO General Meeting 7pm
26th   Kokomo Beach Day
27th- Apr. 3rd No School- Spring Break
6th    School Resumes
7th    Dads Club Meeting 7pm
8th    Kindergarten Round Up at Union
11th   Dads Club Easter Egg Hunt 8:00am?
15th   Dads Club Preschool Breakfast 7:30am
17th   PTO General Meeting 9am
17th   PTO Movie Night
30th   Fourth Grade Music Performance 6:30pm
4-8th Staff Appreciation Week
5th    Dads Club Meeting 7pm
6th    Fourth Grade Talent Show Tryouts 2:30-4:15pm
7th    Second Grade Music Performance 6:30pm
8th    Kindy 500
13th  Fourth Grade Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 2:30-4:15pm
17th  Dads Club Golf Outing (tentative) TBA
15th  Field Day
15th  Fourth Grade Party 2:30-4:30
18th  Field Day Rain Date
18th  Talent Show Parent Performance 6pm
19th  PTO General Meeting/Transition Board Meeting 7pm
22nd  Last Day of School
22nd  School Talent Show Performance 9:15am
31st   Dads Club Golf Outing Rain Date (tentative)