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About Union Elementary

Union Elementary School was reopened in its current location in the 2007-2008 school year. This new facility was designed to provide students with the best learning opportunities for our children. Our school building includes a STEM lab, a project room, a gymnasium, an inviting media center, and spaces for both art and music instruction. Our classrooms are equipped with comfortable, functional furniture with ample natural lighting. We have two playgrounds in a park-like setting that are ideal for students to have fun and get exercise each day.
The mission of our school is to create a nurturing and kid focused learning environment where teachers, students, and parents work together in supportive and collaborative partnerships so all students can meet their potential. All members of our school community join in guiding each child in becoming a responsible, confident, and contributing member of society.

Union Elementary serves more than 600 students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. Union has been designated a Four Star School by the Indiana Department of Education. This honor is based upon our students’ exceptionally high scores on the statewide achievement test, ISTEP+.
We attribute our success to a rigorous curriculum, innovative instructional practices, a highly qualified and dedicated staff, and parents who value and support our efforts. We pride ourselves in meeting students where they are and helping them get to where they need to be. We do this through a variety of programs and services such as early literacy intervention, differentiated instruction, and purposeful integration of technology.
Union Elementary has had a long reputation of being like a family because of its caring, nurturing climate. We strive to ensure that this tradition never ends! Our slogan is “At Union, every student is a STAR!” We have integrated the life skill program into our curriculum and daily activities. The principal has lunch with students each week to build positive relationships with them and reinforce the lifeskills that they are learning. The counselor also does guidance lessons on topics such as bullying and goal setting. We also have a variety of ways that we recognize students for demonstrating STAR student behavior.
Besides our strong instructional programming during the school day, we also have extracurricular activities through Eagle Recreation and Enrichment. Besides our before school language programs, we also have clubs for drama, science/engineering, sports, and art. Additionally, we have active scouting troops. Throughout the year, we have special assemblies for students, such as famous authors, and take field trips to points of interest that have a strong nexus to the curriculum.

Our parent support is phenomenal! Parents volunteer daily in our classrooms. Our PTO and Dads Club hold many events for students and raise funds to provide enriching experiences. Every parent is welcome to participate in our parent organizations as they are available.
When you walk through the archway of our front doors, you will notice the stars that are imprinted in the arch. At Union Elementary, we do everything we can to ensure each student shines brightly and will be a beacon to making the world a better place.
If you would like to find out more about Union Elementary School, please explore our website.