Union Elementary School Directory
How does it work?
  • Login at
  • An email from Union PTO was sent with a directory access link and password.
  • If you did not receive this email and would like directory access, please contact Karin Romano at
  • Additional information regarding content and security.
E-directory Features and Tips

Student searches can be done by first name, last name, teacher, or grade level.
  • Mobile version: click “Students”, then “more” to see search options
  • Desktop version: click “Directory”, then “students” to see search options
Create/Print a favorites list of frequently used numbers to minimize searching.
  • Mobile version: search for student, click on found name, click on star at the bottom of student information
  • Desktop version: click on star to the right of search result
  • You can also print your favorites list!  Desktop version: click “print”, then “preview favorites”, then save or print the pdf you’ve created
Print a class list*!
  • Desktop version: Click “Print”, then use the “select a teacher” pull down menu. Next click “preview report”. This will create a pdf document you can print or save.
  • *The class list may not be all-inclusive as some families have opted out of including information in the directory
Customize your family’s information.
  • You may update or modify your family’s information or display options at any time.
  • Examples of modifications: add cell phone numbers, add second household information, do not display address, etc.
  • Desktop version: click “my account”, then “my family”. Choose from the options displayed, click “save” when completed.
Mobile directory tips:
  • You can call, text, email, or map address via google maps directly from search results!
  • Search for student, click on found name, then click on the phone, text bubble, envelope, or map icon.
Help with Installing App or Remembering Login on your mobile device.
For additional help or questions, please contact Karin Romano at