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Dad's Club

Dads Club 2017-2018 Officers

Steve Flaherty, President 
John Meyer, Vice President
Geordie Hester, Secretary
Billy Wells, Treasurer
Activities planned for 2017-18:

Aug. 1

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Sept. 5

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Sept. 27


Oct. 3

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Oct. 6

Dad's Club Camp Out

Oct. 25

4th Grade Breakfast - 7:15am

Nov. 7

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Nov. 15

3rd Grade Breakfast - 7:15am

Dec. 5

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Dec. 7

Dad's Club Winter Festival

Jan. 9

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Jan. 17

2nd Grade Breakfast - 7:15am

Feb. 6

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Feb. 7

1st Grade Breakfast - 7:15am

Mar. 6

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Mar. 10

2x2 Tournament

Mar. 14

Kindergarten Breakfast - 7:15am

Mar. 24

Egg hunt

Apr. 10

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

Apr. 18

Pre-school Breakfast - 7:30am

May 6

Gold Outing

May 8

Dad's Club Meeting - 7pm

About Dads Club
The Union Elementary Dads Club has been around since the 1990s, and is represented by the “greatest group of guys” in Zionsville. We plan a number of fun, extra-curricular activities for Union’s kids throughout the year, as well as work with the teachers and PTO to improve educational resources. Basically, we’re all about the kids and having fun.

Our motto: “Be Glad You’re A Dad!”
If you’re a Dad and have a student at Union Elementary, you’re a “member” of Dads Club. The extent of your involvement is up to you.
Informal Meetings
Informal meetings are generally held at Union on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. during the school year. We meet with Union Principal Jen Raycroft to plan our activities and make decisions on funding teacher requests.
Get Involved Today!
If you’d like to get added to our e-mail list, or attend a meeting, or participate in any of our activities, contact Dads Club President Steve Flaherty or email us at uniondadsclub@gmail.com. You can sign up for events at our volunteer site: http://vols.pt/u5AfkG
19th Annual Golf Tournament

May 6th (rain date May 20th)