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Car Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

In the morning, please pull over to the curb just beyond the front entrance, let your child out on the curb side of the car, and then proceed down the lane.  Please do not leave your car parked along the curb or take too much time at the curb.  There is an attendant on the curb to keep the line moving.
If you need more time, please park in a designated parking spot and escort your child across the parking lot and into school.  Please remember that you should not let your child out of your car from the outside lane.
If you do need to pass the curbside traffic in the outside lane, please proceed slowly and cautiously.  In the morning you should drop your child off no earlier than 8:45. The doors will open at 8:50.
(Please note that cars should never be parked in the bus lot in the mornings. The bus lot should only be used by cars during the 2:30  kindergarten pickup and for evening activities.)
If you are picking up your child after school, please enter the front lot, circle around to the main entrance of the school, and then proceed down the curb to the corner of the building and turn right.  You will then proceed towards the kickball field, turn left and head towards the recycle bin – always staying as close as possible to the sidewalk. The car pickup line begins near the end of the sidewalk alongside the kickball field. (Please see pickup map on the webpage.)
Please be attentive to the 3-4 lot supervisors on duty who are there to guide you. When the first group of cars is parked, the students who ‘belong’ to those cars will be released. All other students will be held back away from the curb.  All students should load from curbside.  
After the first L-shaped line of cars is loaded and moved out of the lot, the next group of cars will be signaled to enter as a group. When that group is all stopped, then the process will be repeated. We will never release a group of students until the line of cars is stopped and ready to be loaded.
When your child is loading, please be expeditious. If you are the one waiting behind a parent who is taking an inordinate amount of time to pull out, please be patient.
Other points to remember:
1.     Car riders are dismissed five minutes early from their classrooms at 3:25. They gather in the library and then are escorted outside via the exterior library door by 3:30. Please be on time for pickup.
2.     Car riders will need to dress appropriately for the weather since they will be waiting for their rides outside.
3.     Please do not park your car in a lot space and come get your child. Dismissal will be most efficient and safe if everyone will stay in the traffic flow line.
4.     If you are walking from Fieldstone to pick up your child, please use the sidewalks and do not cross through the parking lot. Do not motion your child to come to you but walk to the adult on duty.
5.     If your child can ride the bus home, please let him or her do so to help us relieve the end of day car congestion. It’s much easier to get 460 kids on the buses than it is to load fifty of them into individual cars. 
If your child ever needs to change the way they normally go home (usually rides the bus, but needs to be picked up, etc.) you need to send in two notes in the morning. If changes need to be made later in the day, please call the office (not the teacher) by 3:00 PM.
Thank you for your patience and for following these guidelines to keep all of our students safe!